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Cooling control and telemetry

Online monitoring measurements obtained from temperature sensors and onboard computer loads

Telemetry data to control fleets and delivering data assets specified for the proper operation. Among the most popular are, for example:

Cooling control

This can be implemented in warehouses cold and vehicles to control the temperature since leaving warehouse until delivery to the final customer, along with the GPS location information of the monitored active and the status of some extra accessories like opening doors can know the detail of the reasons for increases or low temperatures as well as voltage and other data associated with the sensors.


Control board computer

CANbus interface allows evolution in fleet management, with respect to the driving mode and reducing transport costs directly associated, that keep the care and management of fleet drivers.

In both cases you can be obtained for example


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Historical reports
  • Detailed graphics
  • Out of range alert


The services mentioned allowed:


  • Integral solution Hardware and Software
  • Detailed reports with graphs and customized reports
  • Control Alert
  • Administrators from platform


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