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Safety and Support 24X7

Hardware and software configuration control activities except through web and instant messaging.

Waypoints are committed to maintaining the reliability and communication through flexible service, quality and integrated to the needs of each client, it is for them that safety standards associated with the operation of each business are configured.
Waypoint constantly evolving devices installed in vehicles that permit configuration of alarms and events to prevent potential accidents and theft.

Some of the sensors and services installed:
  • Panic button
  • Safety sheet
  • Camera
  • Audible alarms Driving Control Decoy

Each installed technology unit is configured in such a way to support continuous improvement in the operation.

We work with software and hardware latest generation technology, making upgrades to our customers in constant cycles during the time of contract, such developments usually not considered an extra cost to the customer, allowing you to be at the forefront of technology and management control.

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