About Us


It is a national company, based in Santiago de Chile, dedicated to the delivery of telemetry and GPS-based location services.

Waypoint is the exclusive representative of Gatetel, an Israeli manufacturer of GPS telemetry with European technology.

Our telemetry systems and GPS tracking have been developed entirely by our team of engineers and computer, which is one of our main competitive advantages, allowing us to deliver services and products with a high degree of flexibility and constant evolution over time.

Guilds, Registration and Records

Waypoint is a member of the Chilean Association of Information Technology Companies of A.G. (ACTI). It is also found in the register of accredited providers Repro Achilles Group, Telefonica Chile supplier registration and registration of providers Chileproveedores state.

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Contact Us

Phone : +56 2 29634180

Postal Code : 7510020

Address : Suecia 0155 Of. 1103, Providencia, Santiago.